Mind Hour FAQ's

  • What is MindHour?

    Mindhour is an Adaptive Online Platform designed by a group of IITians with Highly Simplified Study Materials for Sure-Shot Performance Improvement.

    At Mindhour, we ensure Zero Burden by giving Learning a Game-Like Experience for students.  

  • How is mindhour useful for my child?

    A child can learn his school syllabus in an extremely interesting and rewarding way. 

    It is so scientifically designed that It saves a lot of time for the child and make his syllabus simple, enjoyable, and fun. 

    At mindhour, children can learn at their own speed, at any convenient time, with no time limit.  

    Studying becomes a gaming experience al-together.

    Now Learning would be Addictive !

  • How is mindhour different from other online educational websites?
    1. While all the other websites only identifies the weak area of the child, Mindhour is the ONLY website in the complete country which goes beyond. We not just identify the weak area, we address the weak area and make the child work more on it to overcome it.

    2. While other educational portals have just DIGITIZED their syllabus, they could not address the real concern. Mindhour believes that there is no scarcity of study material. But the questions is why a child would Love to study? Mindhour gives that one STICKY reason to the children which makes learning a gaming experience for them.

    3. Mindhour gives various ways to a child to ask his doubts. A child can ask his unlimited number of doubts. Our topic experts support these child 24* 7 and children even get a chance to Talk to the Teacher.  

    4. Mindhour is the only portal where you can exchange your Virtual Points for Real Gifts. All Gifts are FREE and all you need is Mindhour Points.



  • My child is already so burdened and has no time, should he go for mindhour?

    Mindhour is designed to reduce burden on the child and save time. 

        1.    Mindhour identifies the exact weakness of the child. The child can focus only on his weak area and need not study everything all over again. 

        2.    Learning Videos at mindhour uses so simple, day-to-day example that a child takes almost no time to absorb the concept. Video watched once remains in the brain for a very long period of time and saves time in memorizing.

        3.    Mindhour is Adaptive. It identifies in which particular topic you need to practice more and in which you need to practice less. Thus, with a lesser / same effort, you get improved results.

  • My child doesn’t want to study, can mindhour still be of some help to him?

    Mindhour makes studies as interesting as a Game. The In-built gift store with exciting gift options, right from a simple pen to Apple I-Pad mini, gives the hook to the child to stick to this platform. The experience of studying on mindhour is unusually interesting. The school syllabus is totally Gamified with points to earn for different activities and a pool of thrilling free gifts.                                  

    Check out our Gift Store: http://www.mindhour.com/gift-store  



  • How do i know if my child`s School Syllabus will match with the syllabus at mindhour?

    Mindhour specializes only in CBSE and ISCE boards, classes 6th -10th. We Strictly follow the board prescribed Syllabus. You can actually view the syllabus in the free trial and check out for your satisfaction.

    Take a Free Trial.

  • How can MindHour help my child improve his academics?

    The study process at mindhour is so designed that it ensures sure shot improvement in the marks. 

    The system is adaptive to ensure 100% learning of the child and the test reports highlight the weak area - topic & sub-topic-wise. This weak area is reviewed by our expert teachers and the child is given Personalized worksheets to work on his specific weakness. Support at each point is provided by our expert teachers to clear unlimited doubts and queries of our students. 

  • How will I know about my child's performance and progress?

    Every weak monday morning , a weakly progress report is sent to the parent`s registered email id. The parents can track the complete progress through this report. Eg: Total no. of hours spent on mindhour in the complete weak, topics attended, tests attempted, points earned, expert’s comment etc.


  • What are the subscription packages available in MindHour?

    You can Check out our Packages here - http://www.mindhour.com/packages

  • For what all subjects MindHour is available?

    Mindhour is available for Maths, Science (physics, Chemistry, Biology), and English Grammar.

    Apart from that, we offer Mindbox (To ensure Cognitive and Lateral Thinking development of the child ) and AITS ( All India Test Series - to benchmark the performance on National Level)

  • Is MindHour based on syllabus prescribed by board?

    Mindhour specializes only in CBSE and ISCE boards, classes 6th -10th. We Strictly follow the board prescribed Syllabus. You can actually view the syllabus in the free trial and check out for your satisfaction. 

    Take a FREE Trial.




  • For which classes MindHour is appropriate?

    Mindhour is designed for classes 6th to 10th , CBSE | ICSE

  • How do I get gifts on mindhour?

    Getting gifts from mindhour is just a click away. Each gift has terms written on it. If you qualify those terms and you are eligible for that gift, you just need to click it. In case of a coupon, it is instantly mailed to your registered email id. In case of a physical gift, you get a call from us within 24 hours to confirm your address. Once the address is confirmed, the gift is instantly dispatched for FREE.


  • Is there absolutely no cost involved in getting the gifts?

    No cost at any point is involved in getting the gifts or coupons from mindhour. Gifts are a reward for the children for the efforts they have poured in. So , you will get all your gifts at 0 cost.

  • How to activate 2 days free trial?

    Activating free trial is simple. Follow the following steps:

        1.    Click on 2 days free trial button

        2.    Enter details

        3.    Verify your Mobile Number / Email Id

        4.    Login.



  • In case my child has some doubts, how does he ask his doubts?

    Asking doubts is extremely simple. Mindhour has a pool of more than 1 lakh questions with detailed solution for every Question. Even after going through the detailed solution, if the child has a doubt , he clicks on  the button under every question- I have a doubt. The child types the doubt. Within 24 hours, he gets a reply back from our expert teachers and is notified.

  • My child already has tuitions, is mindhour recommended for him?

    Even if we get the best teacher of the world, it is not possible to get many information on pen and paper. It is only possible through system to find out the exact weak area in several parameters like time management, concert clarity, sub-topic weakness analysis,etc. 

    Where a tuition teacher can only comment on the marks and hence draw the conclusion in terms of your child`s learning, Mindhour digs deeper and shares an in-depth analysis report, identifying the exact reason of the marks deduction of a child in a particular topic. And then the child is made to work more on his specific weak area, be it time, concepts, accuracy, etc.While in Tuitions, you get a limited support at a particular time, at mindhour you get a 24* 7 support and assistance from India`s best teachers and topic experts. 

    Mindhour is recommended for all those who wants to simply learn and excel in school exams without any extra burden/pressure.


  • If i want to buy it for multiple years, is there any special concession that i can get?

    Buying for multiple year is a snatching deal! It brings down the package cost to almost half in many cases.

  • What is the recommended time that a child should spend on mindhour ?

    We do not expect that the child will study every day on mindhour. Even if the child logs in for 3 days in a weak for 30 mins each, it is more than sufficient. Most of our students do it on Saturdays and Sundays or on their Holidays.

    Moreover we believe in letting the child decide the schedule. Mindhour is designed to make Learning an Addiction for the students. As parents/guardians you don’t have to ask the child to get on Mindhour, he would himself love to study on Mindhour.